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The TreeRider tree stand is an excellent product! Not only does it make getting up a tree effortless, but hunting is fun again! This product is worth every penny!
-Rick F. (Pittsburgh, PA)
I still remember the first time hunting with my buddies and I took my TreeRider tree stand. They were shocked at how easy it was to climb the tree. I was set up and ready to go while they were still getting their gear ready. I'm sure this season they will all have a TreeRider too. Thank you TreeRider!
-Ben M. (Pittsburgh, PA)
About Us
The TreeRider on the ground ready to go up a tree

The TreeRider tree stand was developed and designed by a hunter for hunters.

From the beginning of The TreeRider, what was important to me was to build a quality motorized tree stand. Not only did I want it to be quick and easy to set up, it had to be sturdy, dependable, easily moved from place to place, the ability to be compact for storage and transport and affordably priced, but most of all, something that I would use.

After several years of research, trial and error, I have come up with what I consider to be the best motorized tree stand, The TreeRider.

I say quick and easy because it literally takes less than 5 minutes to set up to the tree. Then ride effortlessly up and down with the push of a button. No sweat climbing and what's great is all your gear comes with you. No more pull rope !

The TreeRider is made of fully welded steel construction and winch motor. Pull The TreeRider with no problem to different hunting spots with large wheels. Every big buck that I have taken has been my first time in a new area.

The TreeRider is made in 1 piece that is designed to fold up for storing and hauling becoming a compact size. Also, hunters who have not been able to enjoy hunting from a tree because of health issues or age concerns can now have access to climbing worry-free and effortlessly.

Order the TreeRider today and quit tiring yourself out climbing trees and trying to get all your gear up before you even get to hunt. Be safe. Remember always wear a safety harness with any tree stand.

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