Tree Rider Heading - No Sweat Climbing
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Benefits of Choosing the TreeRider
Bulet Icon Image Self-Climbing with Powerful 3,500lb 12-volt Winch Motor

Bullet Icon Image Wide Seating and Platform Area

Bullet Icon Image Carries up to 300 lbs

Bullet Icon Image Guns, bows, daypacks, and all your other gear goes up the tree with you, no pull rope

Bullet Icon Image You are never tired after climbing with the TreeRider, no sweating then freezing

Bullet Icon Image Forget something? Just go down and back up

Bullet Icon Image Hoist your game up for field dressing and loading onto your ATV or vehicle

Bullet Icon Image One piece compact design that unfolds for fast easy set-up

Bullet Icon Image Portability, with easy roll wheels to get you to your favorite spot

Bullet Icon Image Long battery life with a lifespan of 10 up and down 20 climbs for each fully charged battery

Bullet Icon Image Optional solar charger to charge the battery while you hunt or climb

Bullet Icon Image The 12 volt battery provides endless options to run all accessories

Bullet Icon Image Accessories that can run off the TreeRider are heated clothes, IPods, cameras, radio or cell phone chargers, and soon to come heated tree seat

Bullet Icon Image Remote battery charging from ATV or vehicle

Bullet Icon Image Easily straps to ATV for transport

Bullet Icon Image Battery indicator gauge

Bullet Icon Image Remote control with 10 cord

Bullet Icon Image Battery not included but can be purchased from our wholesaler

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